• With increasing population of the world combined with tremendous food wastage, there has been a stress on food security. Tremendous innovation has been done to address food security, some of it is not good resulting in several negative repercussions on people‚Äôs health. In addition, there has been an increase in the demand of natural medicinal and body care products.

  • BTR Global aims to create a movement where people are enabled to create healthier lifestyle options by growing their own food, medicinal, plants, body care and decorative plants in their homes and together in their communities resulting in a lesser carbon emission, wastage due to storage and transportation.

Goal :

By 2030, empower and engage 500,000 people in home and community farming

BTR Grow Ambition

Home Farming

Enable people with knowledge and tools to grow and process crops suitable to their location and in managing crop lifecycle

Community Farming

Enable people with knowledge and tools to collectively grow crops to meet the needs of their community

Local Economy

Create local economies for processing, buying, selling and barter of harvested produce and to reduce wastage

Explore BTR Grow Solutions

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  • BTR Grow solutions are under development and expected to be launched by Dec-2024