• In present times we are creating a lot of waste and a big part of it goes to landfills. The stress on natural resources is increasing at a tremendous pace resulting in negative effects on climate and society. We would need 2.5 Earths by 2040 for all forms of lives to survive.
  • Therefore, there is an urgency to engage people to prolong product life and recycle to reduce the burden on natural resources and lowering carbon emissions due to transportation. 

Goal :

By 2030, empower and engage 500,000 people in circular economy

BTR Circular Ambition


At source sorting for low cost, low environment impact and efficient recycling.


Prolong product life through repair, lease, barter and donate

Local Economies

Engage and empower Informal sector, Local to local resource utilization for manufacturing and selling products

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  • Our solutions are under development and expected to be launched by Dec-2023 

Project - RESY

Project Objective

To reduce post-consumer Textile and Plastic waste going to landfills, by engaging consumers in “at source segregation” for low-cost and efficient recycling.


How we will achieve

    1. By engaging and incentivizing approx. 500 households to segregate fabrics, accessories and embellishments from textiles that no longer can be resold or used.
    2. Segregate these different types of plastics for households to sell segregated materials as raw materials for recycling. 


Expected Outcome

    1. Expected  to collect  up to 05 tons of segregated materials during this pilot project.
    2. Learnings from this project will be used to “scale up the project and develop a digital solution

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