Why do we call it “Back to Roots” ?

Why do we call it “Back to Roots” - In today’s fast-paced world, the gap between “have” and “have not” is increasing, natural resources are not being regenerated to match the pace at which they are being used. Food insecurity is increasing. It is causing an irreversible damage to our environment and societies.

We believe we have answers in our history and in our roots which we wish to explore and address these challenges through this initiative, hence the name Back To Roots.

BTR Global Vision

Empowering Lives !

The concept of BTR is about well-being of people and aims at addressing the challenges of income gaps in society, diminishing natural resources, and food insecurity.

We believe the more we engage and collaborate with people, the more we will empower them to make choices to strengthen their lives and of the community at large.

Core Values

Caring for Lives

All our actions should contribute to caring of all forms of lives


We keep it simple by thinking strategically and working with common sense to adapt to the reality. Being agile and constantly improving while being cost conscious


Our Attitude and Mindset defines Quality of our Work


Being Inclusive, respectful, humble, an active listener, supporting and collaborating  are key to achieving a common objective together

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BTR Global  Presence


29 Nguyen Ba Lan, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


5163, 16th floor, Prestige Misty Water, Vista Tower, Kempapura, Bangalore KA 560024, India

BTR Global  Team

Meet BTR Global executive team having years of industry knowledge across industries

Bhavna Matharu

Director - BTR Global Vietnam

Bhavna Matharu is an Executive Coach, Corporate Trainer and Chartered Secretary (ACS). Her expertise is Human Resources & Organization Design Strategist. She has 20+ years of corporate experience working across geographies and industries.

Bhavna Matharu - BTR Global
Pratishtha Mundra BTR-Global

Pratishtha Mundra

Director - BTR Global Hub India

Pratishtha Mundra is an Apparel professional having Masters degree in Textiles and Clothing. Her expertise is in sourcing, technical aspects of garment manufacturing and product testing. Her 15+ Years of  experience includes working with top apparel brands like H&M, Gap and Adidas in Vietnam, China and India.

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