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    Building Sustainable and Responsible Businesses

  • BTR Global Vision

    Empowering Lives

    Engage, collaborate, and empower people, for the well-being of individuals and community at large.

  • BTR Global Endeavour

    Enabling education, sustainable solutions for living

BTR Global Endeavour

Enabling Education and Sustainable Solutions For Living

Aim of BTR Global is to empower people through education and skill development resulting in improvement in their standard of living and their ability to contribute to responsible business development in the environment they operate in.

We also want to encourage usage of time-tested solutions from our heritage and roots that can be adapted to current times and lifestyles, leading to a sustainable way of living and well-being of all forms of life.

BTR Global Businesses


Education & Skill Development

BTR Circular

Reuse and Recycle

BTR Grow

Home & Community Farming

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BTR Global Founders

Our Executive Team Possess  30+ years of industry experience

Pratishtha Mundra BTR-Global

Pratishtha Mundra

Director - BTR Global Hub India

Bhavna Matharu - BTR Global

Bhavna Matharu

Director - BTR Global Vietnam


BTR Global believes that quality education is a fundamental human right and it should be accessible to all, irrespective of ones social and economic status. We commit to reserve 10% of seats* in our skill development programs and discounting 50-100% program fee for the reserved seats* to support the development of vulnerable youth and economically weaker section of the society.

We do so because :

*  conditions apply